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Topic: Freelance bidding (Read 2481 times) previous topic - next topic

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Freelance bidding
I know this is not exactly prepress, but has anyone tried any of those sites like Elance, where you bid on jobs? Whadd'ya think? Could always use a little extra gas money.
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Re: Freelance bidding
Reply #1
Nope, I only work local. I'm not sure how those sites work and if you can specify a geographical area. I doubt if many people in my town are even aware of such sites. There's a lot of retards here who have their 12 yr old nephew do their website for free.
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So,  :drunk3: i send the job to the rip with live transparecy (v 1.7 or whatever) and it craps out with a memory error.

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Re: Freelance bidding
Reply #2
No. I m working with a good service providers online.