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October 21, 2014, 11:10:00 AM

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October 19, 2014, 03:07:17 PM

Placing PDFs
by Made in Taiwan
October 17, 2014, 08:33:00 PM

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Topic: PrePress Equipment for sale (Read 3799 times) previous topic - next topic

PrePress Equipment for sale
Julin Printing Equipment For Sale

Creo Trendsetter 800II CTP - 250 Hours on Head - Excellent Condition
Model: TSM
Serial: TM855
Date: Aug. 2005
   w/ Dell Power Edge 800 w/160GB hard drive with an additional 1GB of Ram for a total of 2,088,450 Kb Ram. Has a 15" color flat screen Dell Monitor, keyboard and mouse. Intel (R) Pentium - (R) 4CPU 3.20 GHZ - AT/AT compatible.
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Version 5.0.2195 Service Pack 4 Build 2195.
Prinergy Evo Administrator Version 1.2.63
Print Console
Prinergy Evo Tiff Downloader configured for 8up CTP
Trendsetter News Device control kit.
Creo Performance Workflow Server.

Screen Katana FT-R5055 Image Setter - offline - w/ 24" Take-up Cassette
Mfg No. 581601201
Date: Dec. 1998
Still in use at our facility
Although we still use the machine occasionally we do not use the RIP that came with it.
Screen HQRIP   310 PM  Ver.4.1 on a Mac G3 Computer. No monitor
Condition: Very Good

Film Processor - Offline
Model: Screen LD 381-Q
Mfg. No. 90140-6612
Date: 1990
Still in use at our facility
Condition: Fair

Panther Verityper 5300B Image Setter on Wheels
Model No. RM-3
Serial No. 942634
Manufactured Date: 1994
Panther RIP Software Release 5, Ver. 1.4 v.8 Rev. D on Power Macintosh w/13" monitor
This machine has been unused since 1998 but it did function well until we unplugged it.
Condition: Good

Fuji Film Pictro Proofer
Model: PG-4000B UC
Mfg#. 7050U 1552B
Software XPR PictroProof
Ver. 5.3r2  Build 5320 w/ dongle
Condition: Fair

Jetstream 225 Automatic Saddle Stitcher - Consolidated International Corporation
Model: CJM-3 Knife Trimmer
Serial: 315-79
5 pocket plus cover feeder
Condition: Good

For more information please call John at 800-752-6782 or
But it looks good on my screen!