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Topic: Compilation of all past InDesign Magazine Tip-of-the-Weeks (Read 3184 times) previous topic - next topic

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Compilation of all past InDesign Magazine Tip-of-the-Weeks
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Re: Compilation of all past InDesign Magazine Tip-of-the-Weeks
Reply #1
Oooh! Nice linky. I used to read those here & there but lost interest. Consolidation GOOD!
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So,  :drunk3: i send the job to the rip with live transparecy (v 1.7 or whatever) and it craps out with a memory error.

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Re: Compilation of all past InDesign Magazine Tip-of-the-Weeks
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Thanks, Joe! :grin:

Due to lack of interest, today has been cancelled....

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Re: Compilation of all past InDesign Magazine Tip-of-the-Weeks
Reply #3

This week's is a Script for RGB to CMYK...Swatches...importing.

RGB to CMYK_Swatches

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