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Re: New to Freelance
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Is this a bot or what? Saturday morning invasion.

I don't think so. Appears human to me. I could be wrong though.
ESL perhaps?

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So,  :drunk3: i send the job to the rip with live transparecy (v 1.7 or whatever) and it craps out with a memory error.

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Re: New to Freelance
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Unfortunately most of the freelance work is left for the graphic designers. Most people aren't going out looking for people to simply print their brilliant design, they just know they want a logo that looks pretty.

I have heard of some freelance gigs on certain sites (Craigslist comes to mind) for people who know the difference between designing a graphic and making it print properly. Aside from these sites which are often sparse as far as legitimate and reasonably paid job postings, you may want to contact some graphic design firms and see if they have received an influx of people asking them to print their designs.

I get so many people trying to tell me what they want done to their design and have to refer them to a graphic designer, I assume the door swings both ways.

Best I got.

Re: New to Freelance
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I've just started Freelancing... The idea with the Biz cards & go around to ALL the local printers.
If you know Graphic Design a BIG plus. Can work from home mostly...
Gigs i get require me to go in & set-up new systems. Help with Color issues. File issues, etc.

True.. get a lot from old jobs. Works out better sometimes 1099. Gotta save all your TAX money. Pay Qtrly if Possible (or save in account. DO NOT TOUCH. Save all Receipts for Gas, etc. etc. So you can deduct from earnings, when possible)

Freelance can be hard & rewarding at the same time. Printing is Still & Always going thew changes.
Learning WEB design & App building is my next goal... I look at it as printing on Screen. Easier to match.
If you can beat it... Join it. I look at it like this... If we can Master PrePress. We are Tech heads .... we can Master the Web!
Next Goal is HTML5 & Android apps

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Re: New to Freelance
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As a freelancer first you have to decide in which area you are expert enough, then choose any freelancing site to make a good profile with some portfolio. Finally just apply to the jobs and wait for the response.