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Master Degree In Europe in Graphic Design
Hi! """i;m back""""' :D

I' studying  Academy of Arts here in Albania,Design branch, actually i have the highest average of grades in Academy , (10.0) and maybe one day i will continue mastering in professionally higher University here in Europa!

my question is:

what University in europe you would suggest me to master Design?
and what kind of results do i have to take in my university to aply there?

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Re: Master Degree In Europe in Graphic Design
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Australia here, prepressure. Not knowledgeable on that. Not too many active Euro members here. Laurens may have some idea.
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Re: Master Degree In Europe in Graphic Design
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Take a look at this place

It's in London, I know an old member got a degree in colour management here a few years ago. Don't know the current situation there.

Hope it helps
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Re: Master Degree In Europe in Graphic Design
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Here is a list of 10 great European Design Schools, I guess you will find the perfect choice from here -