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Adobe Acrobat / Re: Reducing pdf size
September 22, 2023, 05:18:35 PM
Qoppa PDF studio has a great file reduction feature.
The Rest... / Re: Affinity Publisher 1.9
August 09, 2023, 11:05:13 AM
So, I had a pdf of a job with type 1 fonts, Oh the humanity. Well. I took into Affinity Publisher and was able to do the changes (a letterhead and second sheet, which was changed to a combo, nice exact repeat work!) much easier than editing in Pitstop/Acrobat (if I told you what version of Pitstop I'd have to kill you). Short order, it kept the spots and now it's a page layout file and en exported pdf.

I keep using it more and more for these kinds of things. I figure if I have to spend time on a file, I may as well bite the bullet once and then get a good file out of it.
The Rest... / Re: Affinity Publisher 1.9
July 26, 2023, 06:51:10 PM
Hey pspdfppdfxhd,

It's a wonderful guitar made by Mike Shishkov, formerly of Hamer guitars. He builds them one at a time, with master skills, excellent design great wood and great hardware. Top is Sitka, Hondouran Mahogany body, real brazillian rosewood fretboard (from out growth, perfectly legal). The pickups are fantastic, medium output single/humbucker (with a push pull for another single coil) that is close to 1980s Hamer pickups.

Also 25.5" Scale.

I also have a double cut Jr model by him.
The Rest... / Re: Affinity Publisher 1.9
July 26, 2023, 09:07:21 AM
Quote from: Joe on July 14, 2023, 09:44:37 AM
Quote from: Rodi on July 14, 2023, 09:00:07 AMAffinity Publisher 1.1.1 the latest and greatest!
Latest and greatest is version 2.1.
Giambattista Bodoni was a great printer from Parma. His printing was excellent, however, his pages were strewn with typos!!
The Rest... / Re: Affinity Publisher 1.9
July 14, 2023, 09:00:07 AM
So I had an interesting issue yesterday, with hair falling out of my head precipitously yesterday. Affinity Publisher 1.1.1 the latest and greatest! Well, file won't bleed for an envelope. Try as I might, was terrible. Then I put it into InDesign cause it's the master of the univers, right? Well blah blah blah, same!! WTF! So, some dummy forgot to use the bleed setup in Elecroc. Any guesses? 8)
I bought all the stuff for Affinty (Of course!) for $118.00. It's all kinds a brushes, textures, halftones. They have them for Illy, PS, Procreate, Affinity and others.

I always liked the shift a page or even pages or odd pages feature in Quite Imposing. Qoppa PDF Studio, with some work can do all of this too. I like that program a lot.
The Rest... / Re: Affinity Publisher 1.9
June 19, 2023, 07:56:43 AM
Yes it does. But there is a cool thing too, you can open a pdf (say a catolog) the whole enchillada or import and embedd then edit the pdf from inside. It's really pretty danged cool.

Now fair warining, there are workarounds that have to be learned that are not what we in prepress would normally have to do, but it's very powerful for a number of situations.
The Rest... / Re: Affinity Publisher 1.9
June 09, 2023, 07:54:30 AM
So just got an interesting item perfect for Affinity Publisher.
we do small folders run on our digital press. Customer has just sent a pdf only this go round. have to add text and photo. Guess what? Only half bleed going one way :). So I "File" open instead of import and I have all the fonts, we are good to go!

Makee the bleed, give enough bleed for die where it needs it, change the type, add the photo. Actual work about 6 minutes vs at least half hour in pitstop, plus I have easy live type to work with in case there are any changes.

Affinity Publisher (awful name, btw) is an up and down program for me, but sometimes I do force it. It's really pretty slick. Where text did reflow it actually was better than the pdf that was from InDesign.
General Prepress / Re: Bryce Secap 26k manual
June 07, 2023, 11:28:01 AM
Wrong item, sorry
Quark Xpress / Re: HELP!
May 24, 2023, 12:32:47 PM
Next time you get the file, I"ll run it through PDFToolbox, it's got some good stuff to fix problem PDFs.
Man, I loved Quark 3.3 :) But now? OW!!!
pspdfppdfxhd check your messages.
Quote from: born2print on May 18, 2023, 03:11:52 PMI'm old enough to have had the pleasure of cleaning LITHO film processors. Racks 4x as big and nastier / harder to clean, in fact - rapid access etc... barely even counts compared to litho IMO  :P
Yup we had a rapid access processor for typesetting galleys (via Compugraphic Q5000 and Pagitek 5 systems to Linotypes) and Litho processor for film and stability prints and color keys. Cleaning the Litho processor was a Saturday job, wow, just so much work, and being hyper yout really made it a challenge :).
Screen makes excellent equipment. I used a great black and white camera (20 x 24) with Pulse Xeon lights, nice to flash customers when they got out of hand :)

Have always loved their stuff. Have a 1030ai drum scanner for retirement project.