Xante Enpress error SC555-1

Started by wonderings, December 02, 2022, 07:15:16 AM

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We have a Xante Enpress we use for full colour envelopes. It is out of warranty and trying to get service to reply in a timely matter is a little frustrating. Google has only bought up a Ricoh printer with the same error code, I did try to do what they said with no luck.

Has anyone encountered and been able to fix/bypass error code SC555-1?


Looks like it's one of those codes Xante doesn't want customers to mess with. Good luck getting service. We had an Impressia, and the only authorized Xante repair place in the state got bought by Canon. No more service.
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The error code is a Ricoh error:

QuoteError Code SC555 on Ricoh copiers is a fusing unit error. It can mean the thermistor is bad or out of position, you may need to purchase a new thermistor type.
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Have you tried turning it off, and then back on?

In all seriousness, do you have a new fuser you can swap out and see if the error goes away?
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