Wyze and Google Nest Home

Started by DigiCorn, September 07, 2023, 01:14:55 PM

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There's a cross promotion going on right now between Wyze and Google Nest Home. (There's also this). You can get a 7" Google Home smartscreen and an indoor/outdoor video surveilance camera for $79.99 (50% off). Google Home integrates with ADT and if you have Wyze it does that (and Arlo). I dropped Xfinity ($165/mo for 2gb cable internet, home phone and alarm/monitoring) to get Fidium ($69.99/mo for home phone and 2gb fibre-optic internet but no alarm) and I have 5 Arlo cams and 4 Wyze cams and Google Home monitors it all. I have Arlo cloud recording and Wyze SD recording and I programmed Home, Away and Night time modes with push alerts. If I'm Away from Home and something trips a camera, I get video immediately (and recorded) and I can 1-touch activate an alarm/call for help. 

I also have a Ring doorbell and motion floodlight, but Google Home doesn't integrate with Ring.
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