Errant Object in Preview

Started by Slappy, September 08, 2023, 02:15:05 PM

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Interesting - thanks!

A LOT more work than I'd ever perform, particularly when it didn't even appear on the final piece but at least we can try & tell the customer what NOT to do. I'm sure they'll appreciate the insight.

:rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf:
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Tell them 3 positives made a negative.

I was thinking it was the same problem I have but its not. This is mine...
I create a filled box, throw outlined type on top of it and do a minus front.
See those shapes it added? You cannot select them, they aren't there. I've tried expanding, dividing instead of a minus front, dividing all of it out of a bigger box. You know what gets rid of it? View using CPU.  :faint:

Screenshot-2023-09-12-at-11-28-11-AM" border="0
Screenshot-2023-09-12-at-11-28-27-AM" border="0
Rampage 11.1 • Preps 5.32 • Fuji Film Sabre P-9600 CTP Platesetter with inline FLP 1260 processor • Rampage •  ManRoland PECOM using CIP3 data • HP DesignJet 5500 42" 6/C • Epson Stylus Pro 9880 • Xerox Docucolor 8000 with Fiery • Mutoh ValueJet 1604 • Océ Arizona 250 GT • Océ Arizona 365 GT • Onyx Production House/THRIVE • ManRoland 700 5/c + coat and 2/3 perfect • and a coupla' Heidelbergs and other stuff


Wondering if this is an Adobe issue with Illy or Indy and not Acrobat or Preview. Do the newer versions cause the issue where the older versions do not. Or is it a Intel vs M processor handling issue. Too many new hardware and software changes now that could be doing it. At least that is the way it seems to me. I have 2019 iMac with Illy 2021 still and mine outlines and minuses front just fine.

Maybe it's just time to get out of print. Walmart here I come. Wait, I've been in print, I already don't like people. Nevermind, I'm going to dig ditches.
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Diggin ditches sounds good to me!

Digging Ditch Supervisor: Just dig, stop trying to fix it, just dig  ;D


Make them sign off on a physical proof and not a pdf.
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Quote from: DigiCorn on September 12, 2023, 11:18:42 PMMake them sign off on a physical proof and not a pdf.
They did, we ran an Epson & shocker - NO errant object!!  :o
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We get problems like this when customers are opening the pdf in a browser instead of acrobat.
If we can't convince them that it won't print that way we convert to an image and re send and it magically fixed it.