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Started by Foozball, March 14, 2022, 11:01:17 AM

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Hey all,
I'm getting my ass kicked the past few months as I try to "standardize" our layout details across 30+ printers, creating multiple items on EVERY medium you can print on.

Is there an industry standard anyone here has seen (or uses) for a Linetype Legend? Like a Key list of line types and what they are normally used to depict?
Something like this but a little more "all round":

I'm really just looking for a "good start", we're going to have to add things to it, but I have a whole team who have been beat up, trying to convey layouts with cut/score/perfs/copy limit/bleed/varnish areas, on ANYTHING or EVERYTHING printable. They are ready to get organized, after the past 6 months! :o

Yeah, I know, sounds like a big ask/mission impossible (I'm already threatening violence against co-workers over this idea when they offer "suggestions") so I thought I'd start here!


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Quote from: madbugger on March 14, 2022, 02:19:00 PMwhat is a reverse partial cut?
Terminology is a little sloppy there (pretty much why I was posting), but from the 6 months I trained on the Bobst:
Reverse = The cutting-die and recieving-plate are being used for opposite purposes - so there's impression on the cutting-die while the receving plate makes the "cut".
Partial cut = I think would mean it's a heavy score that almost cuts the material.

That's my best guess, unfortunately I was still at the "look at it and go from there" stage of training ... who'da thunk my Melbourne western suburbs education would come up shy on terminology and word usage! ;)

If nobody else replies ... I guess I'm going to make more shit up!