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so we do these crazy files on the Xante
36x11 150 to 200 pages or more. He prints one side at a time
some of the pages are very detailed illustrator files, those hang up the printer
I make 600 dpi images out of those pages which helps but we want it to go faster
we are getting more bigger books!  :laugh: yay!

I tried everything, .jpg instead of .tif,  X1A, Print as image
when I do .jpg it's faster but there is white lines where it skips imaging.

our last resort is getting the driver to print directly to the Xante, bypassing the iQue
does anyone know why this would work? tech said this might work.
I don't think this will work on 36x11, I think more control is needed.

If anyone has a solution that would be great

Have you tried rasterize selection in Pitstop (if you have a late enough version, which I don't) you can rasterize the offending graphics or pages right in your pdf...

hmm, I will try it.

Thank abc!  :cool: :cool: :cool:

The Pitstop action to "remove irrelevant objects" sometimes works wonders. Gets rid of all the garbage that designers love to cover up with a white box instead of deleting it. Also might try running the action "Crop Invisible Parts of Images". I would also experiment with the action "Find Complex Pages (over 5,000 Nodes) and Rasterize but keep text".


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