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ok, we've been having issues with our email.
Some outgoing emails either get sent to spam folders or don't get delivered.
For the most part, we are able to receive emails, until now. Now we don't get any emails since Host Gator "fixed" it.

Our ISP is Spectrum
email address come from Host Gator
named servers are with Network Solutions
and then we throw in the Google g-suite / workspace.

Who do you think would be the one to call to fix the outgoing/incoming mail issue?

did I mention this was a cluster?

Golden rocket pony to who comes up with a winnnah!

any recommendations on how to get rid of this cluster and do it with someone else?


Not sure if this helps, but when something like that happens here it invariably turns out that corporate IT did something without asking or telling us. In fact, if it wasn't for our own IT... we would really have almost no problems at all.
So, do you have an IT contact / help desk / similar corporate team of buffoons that shoot themselves in the foot?
That would be my "one call"

... you know, like Sentinel 1 blocking/deleting the crucial software that runs on a certain PC because they don't know who Kodak is...
crap like that.
Functionality be damned! We have security commitments!


--- Quote from: born2print on April 21, 2021, 04:50:49 PM ---So, do you have an IT contact

--- End quote ---

yeah, it's me

sad thing is I didn't do this, it was Host Gator/Network Solutions/Google

they all made changes to the setup

OMG....Hostgator and Network Solutions. :whip:

Assuming you are on shared hosting with about 400 other accounts it is very possible your IP is blacklisted on one or more spam lists because you and those other 400 accounts all have the same IP address so when one bad egg misbehaves all of the eggs are then rotten.

Go here and see if your IP/Domain is blacklisted. (I promise this link is not a rickroll  :rotf: )


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