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During the last three months during my unemployment to freelance graphic designer (still working on getting clients), I have been redesigning off and on this printing guide from the old print shop (with my former boss permission) that we designed back in 2007. I am trying to update some of the ancient information in it as well as update the out-of-date images.

So I am working on a small section Preflighting which tells readers where they can find preflighting in various applications. I have InDesign and MS Publisher included, Pagemaker definitely has to go (can't believe anyone uses that anymore), and plan to add Affinity Publisher since it now has preflighting. My problem is I can't simply find anything pertaining to QuarkXPress preflighting except Markzware. I have not used QXP for I don't know how many years. Does QuarkXPress have a built in preflight feature like InDesign? If it does, can someone tell me where I can tell readers where to find it. Personally, I would just drop QXP from the list but I guess there are still QXP users out there.

Thank you to any one can help me with this.

I don't have any recent version of Quark but as far as I know there is no built in Preflight function in any version of QuarkXpress.

Markzware used to make Preflight "FlightCheck," software that would collect from Quark, but I have heard that there is a function or Xtension that does this. It's under File-->Collect for Output. I guess it was in Quark 10, but as the service bureau, I didn't need it.

 The last version I used was 10 (X) back in 2014. FlightCheck is $199 for a lifetime license here:

I was able to download a pdf of the user guide for the lastest Quark (2021).
I guess there is some sort of preflight in QXP. Still going through the user guide.

BUT I was shocked to find that latest version can convert InDesign files to Quark!
But the catch is is that you need InDesign installed.

Flightcheck software, IMHO, was always a convenience but you had to know how it worked, what it was checking and what it was reporting. Seems obvious but many grapohic design groups I follow are filled with threads that read "I'm new to this, Is there a script or plugin that will do the job I am being pay to do without learning anything?"

When I started at my last agency, the 2 people I would end up replacing told me that the red flags that showed in the report were just warnings and the printer would fix them... in a PDF X1A... and these were the prepress people.

Almost everything the preflight reports can be easily found in Indesign's Pallets if you know where to look. Preflight software is a big strainer that can catch a lot but knowledge is your best friend. It should be your best asset as this industry dumbs down...


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