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Does anybody else find dreamweaver to be a pain?

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I've been using Dreamweaver for long time now -- maybe not as long as some of you -- but I hate it. Is GoLive any better? Honestly. It seems at times, Dreamweaver just "decides" to do things. I was reading a strain from DCS about which app to start with -- I kinda skimmed through some of it -- I would have to say Flash for sure. So many sites are implementing flash elements, it's becoming a mainstay. I hate flash too.

Go Live was replaced by Dreamweaver. I like Dreamweaver a lot better than Go Live. That being said I prefer the Open Source options over DreamWeaver.

Yeah, I guess I didn't think about that. No more GoLive.

This is the site that I've been building. A separate firm was contracted to "design" the site, and I was hired to make it work. What a pain.

I only used DW for code highlighting - no more. I now use HTML-Kit on Windows and Text Wrangler on Mac. If I'm doing a smaller custom built site, I just hand code everything. The majority of sites I do now are CMS (Wordpress, Joomla) so most coding and design is done online anyway.

When I first got into web design I started with GoLive v.4. What a clunky piece of crap - I really struggled with learning the basics. I should have just learned how to code myself from the very beginning - those apps can generate a lot of garbage if you don't know what to look for.


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