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Thanks in advance.
Okay, so the site that I'm currently building was designed by an outside company -- templates only. I'm just about 200 pages into a sight that might reach into the thousands of pages. The problem that I'm having, is that, for some of the templates, any changes that I make to the template will apply to the corresponding html pages, but will then also erase my progress. Specifically, I have pages which incorporate scrolling thumbnail pictures which also incorporate the use of hotspots over top, which also have applied attributes -- image swapping and URL links. So for some of these pages, I have upwards of 70 hotspots over just as many thumbnail images. If I go and make a change to the DWT file, even the smallest of changes, like the size of a box, it will then apply said change to the corresponding html pages (which is normal), but will also revert/erase/delete all of those hotspots that took so long to create. Basically, every time I need to make a template change, I have to rebuild all of my corresponding html pages. I can't afford to rebuild this stupid site over and over.
I'm attaching a link to one of my product pages:
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I'd love to help but you are in over my head. Sorry...

Do you have some sort of back end .php server? And is sounds like the template uses CSS.
What app are you using specifically to edit the site?

I'm using Dreamweaver, I should have mentioned that. Sorry. Like I mentioned above, another company built these templates, so I'm going to have a chat with them, but ultimately this is my problem.

And, yeah, I have it all backed up, but for whatever reason I'm having problems with file names. I was thinking of cutting and pasting in the code for the hotspots, re-apply the template to those pages, then paste in the code for the hotspots again. For whatever reason, that didn't work either.  :puke2:


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