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Grand Sherpa 50


Our GS50 has developed an ink consumption issue, two of the ink cartridges are draining out too fast, the ink is just going down the drain as we are not running a lot of proofs right now.

This problem started on a Friday I replaced a Lt black cartridge and a cleaning (transition fluid) cartridge that were empty, I did a normal clean and that was it for the day. On Monday I did my usual power cleaning in the morning, then in the afternoon I went to do a normal cleaning and I saw there was an error message on the GS50 and found that both new cartridges were drained empty, I replaced and monitored them to see if they would drain out again right away they did not but they are draining out a whole lot faster then they should.

Has anyone experience this or know how to fix it? or did you have to call in a technician to fix it. I have no service contract on this machine since agfa dropped all service on the sherpas.

Thanks for any help you might have. If I need to have a tech come in can you recommend a company to use.


Raise the ink waste tank bottle to the height of the cartridges

That Reply was over 10 years in the making - hope the guy's still in business!  :rotf:

Hope he hasn't been waiting 10 years on an answer.

Probably went bankrupt from all the ink that was getting wasted.


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