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The resourceful Danes running this site have put a lot of effort into the English-language site lately. They cover a lot of ground, including TVs and new advances in displays of all types.
Am Stickying it for now, at least. May relegate it later to general threads.


And a reminder that anyone having to look at displays for prepress, and on a 'budget', have a look at the DELL 2209WA.
Flatpanels just did a review of it. Great bang for buck.

DELL 2209WA review

Seems we can add this one to the list of affordable, (not EIZO), flat-panels which would be suitable for prepress.

DELL U2410

These are new on the market AFAIK, and have an H-IPS panel inside, as distinct from an S-IPS. 12 bit color, up from 8. This mid-section of the market is shifting rapidly, and I'm keeping an eye on it. They seem to have dropped the retail price by $100 in the past week.   :huh:
Shall flag any review by the Danes.  Price is Aussie $$.

These are not to be confused with the G2410, a bog-standard TN. Very ordinary.
Note also that these are 16:10 ratio; generous in the vertical axis. Not like the skinnier, (vertically), 24"ers.

Received a DELL 2209WA this afternoon to run with our Mini, mainly as the Black Magic server, but also to use with XMF workflow client running the imposition. There seems to be a marked difference between the S-IPS panels, and the e-IPS that the 2209WA uses. Still the obvious 8-bit color, and the all-round great viewing angles; but they've shaken off the indigo-hue in the black that could be seen from most angles beyond 30˚ or so on the S-IPS panels. Blacks also deeper.
A great display, especially for the price; in this case AU$210 from Dell Outlet.

The U2410 is up on review now.


Amongst other things, 1.07 billion colours. Think permutations/combinations back in high school maths, when comparing the available colours on 6, 8, 12 bit colour. It's not a straight curve progression.
Flatpanels have basically given it 5 Star rating. AU$799 here. On Outlet, if you were to wait'n'watch, prolly about $500. For what it is, amazing value.

$499.99 HERE

Can't justify 500 bucks for a monitor personally though. I almost bought an Acer 22" for $119.00 but missed it by an eyelash.


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