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Might have already been posted...but great site for generating a list of sequential numbers for use in data merge...i.e ticket numbering.  Saved me a whole lot of time.

That is handy. Pinned so it doesn't get lost.

Wow, faster than opening Excel & doing it locally! Thx man - Bookmarked.  :banana:


We got a job in last month for Table Number Cards for a restaurant - 45 each of 1-70.  I just set up the BG on the master page in InDesign with a text box set to Page Number, then added 70 pages.  Job done.  PDF to step em up and on to the next job.  

We have a utility to add sequential numbers to a many-up sheet of eg concert tickets which works with PDFs but I have done concert tickets with the page number dodge in the past.


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