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Muller Martini Saddle stitcher - problems saddle stitching digital work

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1) I am having repeated issues with staples punching through the center spine on digitally printed booklets.
Doesn't matter how much or how little clinch I apply, nor what the length of the staples are.

2) Sometimes the double sheet caliper wheel will split the center spine on the inside also.

These problems seem their worst on coated papers.  I think the drying action of the fuser on the copier, digital press, or whatever you want to call it, is making the paper brittle and it becomes that much weaker with folding.

Has anyone had any success getting around these issues ??

Thanx !!

Changing the grain direction might help.

Yikes! You may be on the right track with the paper being tortured.
I assume you run similar weights, etc.. stock conventional without these issues

I will say, most digital stuff I see still cracks more than offset stuff, because the toner is thicker and more brittle, after being cooked.

My Heatset web is the only other press I see cracking, and that is only if they are running slow.

dependant on the paper type and weight, we have to score a lot of our digital covers.


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