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Navigator 8 Insufficient Memory to Boot-up and quits

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Hello -
I just added memory to our XP that runs the Xitron Navigator 8 (yes, 8).
I took the pc from 2 gigs 2 8 and thought files should rip through the rip. Not a lot of change so I changed a couple of the memory settings and now Navigator warns
"insufficient Memory to boot up"
Memory Required: 10112 kb   
Memory Available 3139116 kb

In the Navigator window in the background, I see this:
Warning: Memory available for rip exceeds the 2047 MB process address space limit. Not all available ram can be used. Memory available for a rip reduced to fit.

How do I get the stinking thing to boot-up?

Probably a 32-bit machine which can only ever see and use 4 GB. Might as well remove half of it. Not sure why it won't boot. What setting did you change?

In the Configure RIP I increased the Network Buffer and the Printer Buffer, thinking this may speed up the ripping.
I got it back up and booting by going into the SW->Config Folder and moving the ConfigureRIP file out. All is back to normal as it replaced the file on next boot up, but hoping I could adjust the memory settings to get more RIP speed. Buying an upgrade to Navigator and a new box is out for now. Just the need for more speed. Some files take an hour to separate.

As for the 32 or 64bit, when the pc rebooted it showed 8 gigs available in the setup screen. Hoping Navigator/Harlequin 8 is 64 bit capable.

It isn't the PC that can't see or use 8 GB. It is Windows XP 32-bit that cannot.

--- Quote ---Hoping Navigator/Harlequin 8 is 64 bit capable.
--- End quote ---

It is not if it is running under Windows XP 32-bit. Now there was was a 64-bit version of XP but it was few and far between and a great shortage of 64-bit drivers for all kinds of hardware. I'd bet your Win XP is 32-bit.

Now again, if you changed some kind of memory setting somewhere (bios?) and it won't boot after you did that you need to go back and change that setting back to what it was previously.


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