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UV effect for pdf

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Customer wants their job that is getting UV'd
to look like that in the pdf-is it possible?

wow thats a new one


Sure...wait till it is printed take pictures of it, and make a PDF of it. Simple and easy...for...Prepress.  :sarcasm:  Having a bad week, need to laugh at something, sorry Tracy.

But seriously, not sure how to pull that off, without some Photoshop work maybe. And I'm no Photoshop master, or anywhere close.

I hate when artists do that! They make type 4/c desert reflection so it LOOKS like gold foil and we have to catch and fix it.
I understand why they do it early in the process to sell the design, but seems like they could fix it at the end before submitting to us.

Anyway, not really possible unless you create bologna files that hence, are no longer meaningful as proofs.
like ghost-back non UV elements?
We send ink pdfs and separate UV pdfs since clients can't / don't / wont use overprint preview or output preview


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