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Beauty job descriptions looking for workers

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Lets see if we can make sense out of some of those job descriptions posted these days. Here is a beauty!

Principal Duties and Responsibilities :

Maintain the production of the labeling creation & production process of all private label items.
Co-ordinate the traffic of all art files with head office for all SKUs.
Set-up and maintain files on each new label product and customers.
Develop and maintain customer original files and vendor specific files with and for NY.
Execute and track daily progress of the file between each department at Taro as well as the progress to and from the customer and manufacturing site. (Especially with outsourced products).
Expedite the flow from various departments in a timely manner to ensure against unnecessary delays.
To build mechanical artwork for Canadian Rx and OTC, where required.
Ensure that all art copy changes to all product lines are executed.
Report to clients and Head office any problems with files to minimize delays.
Ensure that all work is prioritized on a daily basis so files are received and our deadlines are met.
Coordinate with the Packaging Technologist and Production Art Supervisor the dielines, templates artwork and Master Text needed for all SKUs.
Maintain and route paperwork relative to the production of SKUs for Supply Chain
Approve vendor supplied proofs.
Maintain client and Sales Contact regarding status of their SKU in progress.
Review both Canadian and US TARO label and private label art for technical production printability and resolve issues as required.
Participate in weekly meetings
Maintain schedules and priorities based on project timelines.
Co-ordinate the efforts of all departments and maintain control of all SKUs.
Organize and sort all paper work etc. prior to closing job.
Maintain proper files to ensure continuity and consistency.
Update file status spread sheets.
Inform all department head of upcoming jobs requiring special attention with regards to procedure and complexities.
May be assigned specific projects related to art process development.
Support NOE and NCI investigations with expert advise as required by investigation owners.
Complete all GMP Documentation correctly and in a timely manner
Complete all training assignments and maintain personal training records
Participate in and/or lead Non Conformance Investigations
Complete Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA’s)
Initiate, and follow through with actions required to close Change Controls
Participate in Internal, Customer and Regulatory Audits.
Other duties as assigned.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

College/ University education – Creative Design, Graphic Design, or Print Production
5-7 years similar experience in an Ad Agency, Graphic Arts Studio or prepress production
Print experience with high level of understanding of offset, flexo and digital print strengths and limitations
Strong organizational skills.
Strong understanding of prepress proofing methods, procedures and press limitations.
Good problem solving skills.
Good computer spreadsheet skills.( Excel, Word, MS Project )
Excellent understanding of Macintosh operating system, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Acrobat, QuarkXPress, and related utility software.
Good communication skills.
Art/Press Production knowledge and experience.
Invoicing, billing experience and estimating.
Sales support experience.
Ability to manage multiple projects.
Effective interpersonal skills to develop business relationships to ensure time lines are met.
Ability to develop project time lines.
In conjunction with Packaging Engineer, Marketing, TARO Art Department and the vendors, work on creating time lines for new products and revisions.
Initiate revision to time lines where required to resolve any potential delays or risks to project completion.
Be aware of changing production technologies and their roles within the workflow.
Automate processes where possible.

What can I say? guaranteed nervous breakdown within a year I suppose.

mc hristel:
Wow, I only got part way through that description and I saw around 7 different positions being described. There's prepress, project manager, a CSR, a planner, inventory manager, purchasing agent, and a legal/regulation expert.

Hopefully they have budgeted enough to hire at least 4 people for that position.  :shoots_self:

The pay: $9.00 per hour.

:rotf:  :rotf:  :rotf:



--- Quote from: pspdfppdfxhd link=msg=306262 date=1553809547 ---

Principal Duties and Responsibilities :
Report to clients and Head office any problems with files to minimize delays.

--- End quote ---

Thats a full time job right there!!


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