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Epson P7000 Hangs


Odd problem, been happening for months. Jobs sent from XMF will get hung up in the Print Spooler at the RIP, restarting the proofer will release them but doing it "gracefully" by waiting for the proofer to shut down via power button takes like 40 minutes. Many times we'll just yank the power cord and restart it.

I don't think it's a RIP problem, and if it was a network cable issue, just restarting the proofer wouldn't do the trick every time. Wondering if it's a bad board inside, the only repair person I've contacted wants almost $400 to just walk in the door.

Hey Slappy, I would be looking at IP address conflicting somewhere. Are they static??
Turning printer on/off will assign new IP and will allow to print. Does it only print one job/sheet them pause again? if so its definitely an IP issues.
We had it magically happen when IT did an upgrade but of course denied it.

I thought of that, it's definitely static and we did a thorough survey on the rest of the shop after finding there were some rogue devices hijacking IPs too.

--- Quote ---Does it only print one job/sheet them pause again?
--- End quote ---
Nope, it's seemingly random. I did several this morning, then a few hours later it captured an impo proof & I had to restart the Proofer. The queued jobs always stay in the RIP spool too, they never fail completely.

I set the "Power Off" Feature to 8 hour intervals, so in theory it'll be Off first thing in the morning, then it prints reliably at least for a while. So weird.

Stupid mobile devices.  :git off mah lawn:


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