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We finally got our FD120 BC slitter set up today.  I AM IN LOVE.  Been cutting these fuckers out on a traditional guillotine since i was born.
EVERY CARD IS PERFECT AND THE SAME SIZE. If you understand my struggles you would appreciate this excitement  :banana:

Also delivered was a 3-station envelope inserter, which will unfortunately be the death of a fill-in employee.

We still use a guillotine, like you it is what we always used. I have seen those slitters at shows but I always questioned how well they can work especially with digital prints and a not always aligned image. IS there any account or adjustment for skew? If I remember correctly some special marks are added to the print that the slitter reads to know where to cut?

So far so good. fortunately i dont have much skewing issue on this Ricoh 7110s, but that was my concern too going into this.

The slitter has 2 10-up preprogrammed jobs, one does 10-up w/no bleed, and the other accommodates a **tiny** gutter so you can do a 10-up with bleed. You can also program your own custom n-ups, which is good because i have a few 8-up pre-printed foil masters we still use a lot of.

It does have a side-side micro registration adjustment, so if the print is slightly off its easy to realign.

Its not blazing fast but i can drop 75 sheets in there, press the green button, come back 5 mins later and i have 750 perfect cut cards.  I have to say its quite nice, and i dont have to stress if the dumbfuck temp is making sure everything is centered. Thats worth the admission price right there.

We had one before, but it slit 3.5x8 4-up sheets.  It always skewed them no matter what, and there wasnt much you could do to correct it.  This one is pulling 8.5x11 sheets.

I get so goddamn mad when i see a card come back for a reorder thats been cut skewed or off center, theres no excuse for it except being lazy. I take this shit too personally sometimes..

Sounds like a great machine!
 :laugh: I do that too when I see some samples of previous jobs
I take the time to make sure my folds are perfect, I hate to see a fold off!


--- Quote from: delooch on July 15, 2019, 03:30:30 PM ---Also delivered was a 3-station envelope inserter, which will unfortunately be the death of a fill-in employee.

--- End quote ---
What kind? We are possibly looking for a new one.


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