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Warehouse Inventory System/Software


What warehouse inventory system/software does your company use?

We are wanting to invest in a better system and I guess they thought a Prepress guy might know.

Thanks for your participation.  :)

Does your company use a MIS/ERP system? Many MIS vendors have optional integrated stock/inventory management systems for both raw materials and finished items.

Kind of what I was thinking, and is the OP looking to inventory working materials only (Plates, paper, inks, etc.) or also items stocked for clients that are maybe pre-printed & used for fulfillment? Our current MIS does the former, based of course on proper employee input.

My understanding is they want to be able to scan a barcode, which would identify the product and then scan a location (bin or rack location) in the warehouse for work in progress material, finished products, and supplies. The thought would be a tow motor driver could look up any product on a tablet type screen and know exactly where it is located in the warehouse. Of course, management wants to be able know where everything is without leaving their desk...LOL


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