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Fiery XF 6.3 Color Management


Hello !

Is it possible, better saying, do someone use Fiery XF 6 to color management Digital Toner Printers ?
I have a customer that has a Ricoh 7100 with Fiery and uses the Fiery XF to make inkjet proofs color calibrated to run with offset presses.
What I need to know is tht if it´s possible to use the XF to make a ICC profile and color calibrate the Ricoh to make proofs that passes the UGRA/Fogra standarts with the "Verifier" option on XF or Ugra Proof and Print Certification Tool.

I know it´s a little bit complex my question but any help is very appreciated.

Thanks !

We don't here, but in the past we've attempted to do this in the past at other places I've worked. It will never fingerprint a press, but you can use the same ICC profile you use with EFI or other color management for offset.


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