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We just got a new Xante Enpress
Copy guy is having trouble with a #6.75 envelope
it's running pretty slow, actually pausing also, It's only text.

He is going to switch it to the illumina but would like to know a possible solution.

The Xantes always pause a little somewhere in the run. I really don't know why. On Black and White, it's usually a thousand or so into the run. 4-color, it's every hundred or so, after it does about 300. I think it just needs to cool down the fuser temperature. That is an adjustment that can be made on the machine's menu.

I'm sure you thought of this, but is the paper weight setting correct? As Dig said, they do tend to stop to adjust fuser temp, also to adjust color with the self-calibration, and sometimes to stir the toner when it gets low.

We got our Impressia from a third party vendor, so they sent a trainer, who told us we could run envelopes on the light env. setting so they run faster. Yeah, you can, but then you get a lot of crooked prints. I did notice that ours paused more frequently when it was new, but the slowness seems to speak to something else.

Hey thanks!
We did check paper settings but getting that fuser temp lower may help
It's just black text!

If you do try a lighter paper setting, watch out for crooked prints. I called a tech to fix the problem and he said it was caused by using a paper setting too light. He was right.

You might call the tech number if you have it. I haven't tried your machine, but the Impressia runs 500 envelopes in around 15 minutes if no jams. Color or B&W makes no difference.


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