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Moving an Epson 7900


Hello old friends...   I am in the process of moving an Epson 7900 from our photo studio to our corporate office. Its about a 10 minute drive. I'm wanting to prep the printer for the move and lock down any moving parts that can be damaged or thrown out of alignment... 

I'm looking for any advice, suggestions, things to watch for, etc...   that could go wrong. We're just going to load it into company van and bring it over, so I want to make sure it's safe for the trip.




There's usually a lock that has to be enabled to prevent the head, etc from moving during transit. I once moved a Stylus 10800 about 250 km in a van. Once locked down there is nothing that can really move and get damaged. I used tie downs to prevent the printer from moving around in the back as well.

Here is what I found in the service manual that I had for the 7900 and others of the variant.

sheesh I didn't even think about the proofer when we were moving
I did most of those things but nothing with the print head.
just moved down the street thankfullly


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