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Epson 9900 with HP Coated 90gsm Paper

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Hey guys,

Quick question, but what settings on the Epson 9900 should I use to print on HP Coated 90gsm paper. I'm trying to get it color managed with XMF ColorPath Sync but am having no luck getting my max delta E down from 16 and the 95% down from 8. I'm both trying to get it into G7 specs and reducing the amount of ink pooling and it is getting better 3 iterations in, but I just can't get that down.

I am using Photo Black and have tried it on the Epson Singleweight Matte preset and the Semi Matte 260 preset (That's what the Fuji techs had it set to run from Oris, but thats our high end proofing paper and is way thicker). We just bought a SureColor P8000 and had it installed and calibrated mid-late February and now I'm trying to move our older epson over to XMF from Oris for ease of use and trying to actually get the thing color managed/accurate - it never was "accurate" on Oris.


oh boy...

It's been about 6 years since I had to manage color, and I'm trying to remember the Epson menu. I know on EFI you would have to profile and then calibrate the paper and run the swatches and scan them in; the more swatches you run, the better (but if you only have an Eye-One like I did, that can be a real PITA). A lot of papers would have a downloadable profile on the manufacturer website for most of the major color management software (EFI, GMG, Onyx, etc.) that would get you started. I suppose hiring a guy is out the question, because that's what we ended up doing; Dude had a robotic scanner that would scan in like 2,000 swatches in just a few minutes. Using Epson brand paper would be a huge plus to get started.

We bought the i1 Pro IO Scanning table and a new i1 Pro 2 to calibrate the proofers and the presses. I just can't figure out what kind of paper it would count as. The epson manual is a little hazy on that. I'm looking at page 60 on this PDF from Epson:

This is the paper we're using - mostly because we have a billion rolls of it, and our older prepress guy who plates and makes proofs keeps ordering it for some reason.

Reading the specs on the HP paper, it sounds like proofing paper commercial, but with the coating, you might be able to get away with premium semigloss; i think the gloss stock is heavier.

--- Quote ---Handle prints with confidence right off the printer. HP Coated Paper is ideal for color-accurate everyday prints, working comps, and design proofs, and offers excellent handleability enabling technical professionals to roll or stack time-sensitive documents as soon as they come off the printer. And to help you meet the environmental objectives of your company - and your clients - this FSC®-certified, recyclable³ paper supports responsible forest management worldwide.
--- End quote ---

Yeah the semigloss is way heavier, 260gsm. I did find out that the Epson Singleweight Matte is 120gsm on their website, which is a little bit heavier than what we're using but is 1mil thicker. I don't think that would cause an issue but my guess is that I need to use matte black ink instead of photo black and see what I can do.


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