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pantone formula guide uncoated color swatch

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Hello everyone,

One of my client sent me following image, he mentioned all he colors in image .
All colors are from "pantone formula guide uncoated color swatch", my question is how can i convert it in CMYK or RGB. as i am unable to find these colors on illustrator Or can some one send me these colors in cmyk please ?

try this:

change the type to uncoated at the top,
and there is a little box on the right that you type in the number.

good luck!

Hi David,

I am unable to find cool 2 u color

Could that possibly be Cool Grey 2? They have a group of warm greys and a group of cool greys.


--- Quote from: kabeergfx on August 31, 2020, 04:55:20 PM ---Hi David,

I am unable to find cool 2 u color

--- End quote ---

it has to be something else, there is no cool 2.
The lowest pms number they have is 100.


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