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Eraser tool

Started by Tracy, October 12, 2020, 08:50:10 AM

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Not sure what happened to the eraser tool, I was able to fix the issue once but not sure how to do it.
I usually fix scans with the eraser tool toggle from black to white
somehow the eraser tool is only doing white or just erasing, I would like to add black using the eraser tool


You doing the "Option + E" to switch from white to black?
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I can't get it to do black at all
It doesn't matter what position the swatches are in!!


When I flatten the image it works not sure what is going on but not needing layers so its ok


make sure you don't have any hidden selections
Prepress guy - doin' jobs one at a time


Yeah it was something I was doing I think!
Usually the case!  :laugh:


Erasing on a layer doesn't really give you black or white - it removes pixels from that layer to reveal whatever is on the next layer down. So you probably had a Background that was white, so on your layer above the Background when you erased its content you revealed the white of the Background. If your Background had been black you would have seen black.

As you discovered, the black/white toggle does work on Background.
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huh! never knew that and I've been doing it this way for years!!!!
I guess I was always on background sheesh!