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Agfa Apogee

Started by madbugger, February 24, 2022, 02:29:14 PM

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Is anyone else using Agfa Apogee workflow?

We previously had a Prinergy Evo workflow coupled to a Creo Scitex Lotem Platesetter and when it was dying were able to pick up a second hand Agfa Accento II platesetter with Apogee 10.0 (which has had no upgrades in 5 years >:( >:( )

I see a bit of chatter on Prinergy (which I liked when we had it) but nothing on Apogee. Both systems have their good and not so good properties.

It would be nice to have someone who is not Agfa support (at $240 hour for telephone support) to bounce ideas/problem solving off if anyone is out there
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I saw a demo once. It was more expensive than Prinergy so we didn't pursue it. I know. No help at all. LOL
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No help here either, I was a fan when I demo'd it a million years ago. I was always a fan of Agfa in general.
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I used it for about 2.5 years, about 10 years ago. It was way less money than Prinergy, more inline with Prinergy EVO, at least at the level of options we were looking for.

It was fine, but I had just come from a Prinergy shop and had only used Prinergy for a year, but I was constantly finding that Apogee was lacking in the flexibility that Prinergy offers (might be different now, though.)

Funny thing is that when I moved to the Apogee shop, my replacement at the Prinergy shop I was leaving was coming from an Apogee shop, so while I was learning Apogee from a Prinergy mindset he was doing the opposite. Even after a year he preferred Apogee and I still preferred Prinergy.

I'm at a Prinergy shop now - it truly is the best workflow I've used and I've used about 3/4 of them.

Having said all that, not sure how much I might remember about Apogee but I'm always willing to try to help. There is also an Apogee forum sponsored by Agfa, but I think you need to be granted access by Agfa.
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