Paper Industry in Transition May 2022 M&A Activity

Started by RMPrepress, June 09, 2022, 08:01:31 AM

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When I was working in the sign shop, we inspected every delivery and rejected inferior materials immediately. Not sure what they're doing now... seems like you have to take what you can get lately, and more waste.
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Interesting times ... In the past 5 years I've heard "Yes, we'll pay the extra!" maybe once a year.
In the last few months - it's become an every week occurrence!

Just sayin...


We (almost) had a regular client balk at a weekly job that runs on the offset press, over a $100 increase. They had about 30 minutes to decide, cause the Press Op was going on vacation for the next 2 days & that was his last job before he hit the door. It ran.

I'm not sure how many jobs we're losing due to increases (of everything across the board) but we seem busy as normal, maybe moreso.
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If they are balking at $100 now and print is integral to their business ... they're dead, they just don't know it. :o


We once lost a customer because we charged them an extra $12 for having to replace fonts in their Pagemaker document after at least a dozen warnings about their font issues every time they sent something in. Best thing that ever happened to us.
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We just had our best year ever last year and are off to a fast start this year and just overloaded with work.
We have about a dozen new customers mostly due to their normal vendors not being able to make due dates or more often not able to obtain paper to make any reasonable due date.
We have increased pricing on everything...paper, ink, coating etc...the work keeps coming.
Our owners have excellent credit and are in excellent standing with our paper vendors and that has paid off huge dividends as far as getting paper they have or are about to have.  As it is well known by now if you were one to not pay your paper bills then you are now at the bottom of their list to sell to.
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We had people who balked at a modest price increase after paying the same thing for over two years.

Then there was the major manufacturing company that had us print their instruction sheets that said it was printed on recycled paper. It wasn't. They wouldn't pay for recycled paper.

Then they moved their printing to Mexico. I still get steamed over NAFTA.
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Rumour is one of our printers just backed out of servicing our orders ... a few MM cartons now need to be re-sourced.

If those smaller (annoying) customers use paperboard they're in for a rough one.
I'm in for a hell of an August!! >:D


Not your problem. You're not the one who's supposed to get customers.
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