Generating JDF for MBO folder

Started by PrepressCrapFixer, July 20, 2022, 08:04:30 AM

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I am guessing this is likely where I should post this information. 

My Company just bought a new MBO folder for our bindery.  The guys from Germany are here helping get things all set up and fine tuned.  One thing they need is a JDF file to add to their front end hot folder which should contain all of the folding information for the job.  Our workflow is Prinergy 8.3 which is integrated with Preps 8.3.  The only place I encounter JDF is with Preps, so I am guessing that is where I get the information they are looking for. We tried just adding the JDF file that shows up in the System/Imposition plans/Preps folder to try, but it had no folding information.
So I went to Preps preferences and on the Output tab I needed to check on Include JDF folding Data.  This seemed to change the makeup of the JDF file to include this information.  I was wondering about the "Include HTML file with JDF output for WST equipment setup" - Is this where I can make a file that is put to the hot folder destination on the MBO front end? If so, I think all I need is a share created.

I just want to know if I am on the right track before I start testing.
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Just about to head out the door, so I will double check the settings for the JDF. But if I remember correctly it is just a setting when you print from Preps back to Prinergy. But what might be the bigger issue, are you adding folding instructions to the Preps layouts? If not, it will not send anything back to the folders.

We do JDF to our cutters, but not our folders, so we don't add any folding instructions in Preps. Nor have I even brought that question up.
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The whole process seems to hinge on us having some kind of Management Information System that feeds information as a JDF to the management system for the MBO folder.  All we have is a job tracking system (circa late 20th century) which is not going to work at all.  I thought we could create something out of preps, but it only seems to error at the MBO.  We also cannot generate any good Data Matrix codes for the camera reader on the folder because of this lack of MIS.  Kodak support only showed us how to generate a Data Matrix code by using the Custom Fields Manager in workshop. It can't be read.  
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We use Prinergy to create Data Matrix codes but they are an RBA adventure to set up. We use them for a plate sorting system.
The tough part is determining the data you want and and creating the Custom Fields for the Data Matrix Mark.

What Data does your folder need? I think the sizing is a bear to set up as well.

I would be of no help with the JDF fold info, we tried to send some data for cutting years ago but it was a mess.
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