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Preps/Rampage Plate Centering

Started by Stiv, April 25, 2012, 10:12:10 AM

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I guess my original thread is in China.  So here goes...

I have the CTP device programmed with the new plate size. I have output the Centering EPS from the Preps Punch Utility. I dropped that EPS onto the plate imposition RIP profile and imaged a plate. The test has imaged in the exact center of the plate. That was easy, (too easy?).

I have a template made in Preps for the new plate size. I have a 19x25 test pattern from AGFA that I have imposed onto a 19x25 sheet on that new plate size.

I am using the punch coordinates, X axis - B punch, from another plate size that is just 1mm smaller, 205 vs. 206 mm.

I have an image on the plate, which I am not positive is in the correct position. The press is still 2 days from a testing condition.

Now here is my question/issue. If I use another measurement as my Preps X-Axis, the image barely moves. I have 11.125" entered and if I use 1.125", the image only moves .25" on the plate.  I was hoping the X-Axis measurement would have moved the image on the plate as much as I had adjusted the X-Axis number.

I have not tried to adjust the position using the Press Sheet Edge to Punch Center measurement in the template. I am inclined to leave this as this is a specification from the press.

Thoughts? Experiences?


It's never going to move the amount you enter and I never did figure a method out other than entering trial and error numbers until I got what I wanted.
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I know when we made the move from Preps 5.3.3 to Preps 6.2, the profile for our 26" Komori shifted; the old values were no longer valid. I Output the "punch test," but for me it was worthless. I based my values off the old profile, and then adjusted based on what we put on press. The stupidest thing is that I have the Screen talking to Rampage and it identifies plate measurements... but Preps 6.2 won't accept them. Preps 6.2 will only work properly if I make the dimensions slightly smaller. So basically, the numbers I have plugged in are unique to my environment, and I don't think they would work anywhere else. They also do not correspond to our Komori specs. I think what you do is take the plate size height, divide by two and then subtract the setback to get your x-axis number. From Preps 6.2, even though it previews with the gripper at the bottom, you need to rotate -90 degrees in Rampage (impo RIP) to get the gripper correct on the plate. It's so stupid.
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I have discovered if I back out of Preps while saving everything, and then restarting, the moves match what I am entering.

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