Picking a PMS from RGB/CMYK

Started by delooch, August 20, 2019, 11:26:00 AM

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I thought ive done this before, putting an rgb or cmyk sample in the color pallete and it will give you the closest PMS match?

cant seem to do it again... was i imagining it?


In PhotoShop, sample the rgb, then use the color picker and click on swatch libraries.

In InDesign, I sample the rgb with the eyedropper, then convert to cmyk in the swatch menu for cmyk. The color picker in ID doesn't have the spot option to check against libraries. refer to the photoshop tip above for color match of spot.

Illy is like ID, except you can map to an existing color already in your palette for that job.
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thanks, i thought this was in illustrator, but PS makes more sense. I was looking in the right spot on the wrong app.

this is for some jackass trying to match a picture of his old atari disk drive to get a plastic filament for 3d printing, trying to get a color match.  There is some outfit which does custom colors but the want a PMS to mix to.  I already gave him a PMS swatchbook to match it with his eyes.

I really think this is the wrong way to go about it but what do i know.