Size reversion on tweaked SST

Started by frailer, December 06, 2019, 10:42:19 PM

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My co-worker had a job that was to be 160(W) x 240 (H) [mm].
He brought in a Stripping Sheet Template (SST), at 150x240... a regular size for us, and changed it in Sigs to 160 . Applied it to the 16pp.
He also (I think) used SSTs for the preceding two 4 page sheets, (which did not experience the problem I'll describe).

The problem was that, according to him, when it was queried (you know that moment when they walk in waving a sheet "what happened here?"), the tweaked page dimensions in Sigs showed the altered 160mm W, but rendered at 150 W. Ouch. Thing is, being only 10mm diff., it went through to bindery where it was noticed on the Stitch trimmer. (well... yeah). But when he *then did a re-render it *did go to the wanted 160.
If he'd changed it (which he's saying he did, and on opening it indicated he had), how did it render at the incorrect size?
This may of course be a bug in XMF where using 'tweaked' SSTs has an element of danger to it.

The *only extraneous issue may have been that we had a power outage on the preceding Sunday (no UPS), and I'd had to button up from scratch on Monday morning. But I guess that's wishful thinking.

...edit 9th Dec. ... thinking some sort of quirky (undiagnosable) PICNIC problem.
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Was this rendered at the previous size before?

I've had XMF render old artwork and imposition when I've changed it for sure and with new artwork if pulling from Archives before. Only once though and not sure why it did it.
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No. New job, using imported SSTs at the 150mm W size, but tweaked to 160 W. Which shouldn't be an issue. Not an old job restored from Archive.
I suspect somehow that an update wasn't done, (button or Cmd+U) and he's been able to render it at the wrong (old, SST size), without getting a warning dialogue box.
It will remain a mystery, but it had all the elements of being unnoticeable right through to bindery; small tweak, possible PICNIC (or not) issue on top.
Extra vigilant now, anyway; don't want a repeat. He is very experienced, and used many systems (starting with Sun Sparc LOL), but only had XMF here. Which is not really a problem, because of his experience... (and terrific instruction, natch  ;D)

OK, time to move on... :shrug:
Forgotten good guys: Dennis Ritchie, Burrell Smith, Bill Atkinson, Richard Stallman
Now just an honorary member.