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Started by David, December 19, 2019, 11:13:38 AM

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for some bizarre reason, the accounting PC (running Win 7), refuses to send emails from Outlook.
I have quad-druple checked all the settings but still no joy.
When you go to do a new email, it makes a window and then puts it down in the task bar, but you can't open it or do anything.
The only way to send an email is to reply from a previously received email.

of course, when you troubleshoot it, microsoft can send test emails all day, but just not the actual person.

Any ideas?


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Yes I have some ideas. Outlook is a tool of the devil. Switch to Thunderbird. Working to fix Outlook issues makes me hate it with the heat of a thousand suns.

But actually that is one of the few things I haven't seen go wrong with Outlook. No help. Sorry. But I'll bet the person that uses that PC has issued the standard "I didn't do nothing" disclaimer more than once.
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We had an issue on Friday (the 13th), where our email quit working in the building. After several hours of tracking down the problem, it came to be a google issue. Fixed the problem and everybody can use email again.

In the meantime, the person in the accounting office, decided to do "nothing" and ever since, they have been unable to send emails.
I did find out that there was some kind of MS update/repair or whatever that got started by the "person that did nothing" and then apparently crapped out or quit before it was done. They had a guy stop by on Monday, he looked at  few things, blamed it on the anti virus software and left.
I found out later they he had deleted the entire MS office suite, so I got the joy of finding and re-installing the crap.

just shoot me now...
Prepress guy - doin' jobs one at a time


Reminds me of the time I upgraded from Vista to Windows 8 and it deleted ALL non-MS software.
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I love  :sarcasm: the people when they said "I didn't do anything", and then you find out that they did one thing. And then after a half an hour of them finally explaining everything that they "didn't do". You are able to finally fix it, hopefully...quickly.  :shoots_self:
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yeah, my usual reply is " ok, what were you doing right before you didn't do anything?"

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My response is usually, since you didn't do anything, neither do I. :police:  And turn around and walk away. That usually makes them change their story.
"Your superior intellect is no match for our puny weapons!" - Homer J. Simpson


Quote from: Joe on December 19, 2019, 11:35:28 AM
Outlook is a tool of the devil. Switch to Thunderbird.

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