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Started by Tracy, April 19, 2022, 10:57:50 AM

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So were getting rid of a 4 Color press that can perfect 2/2
we have never run this press here and they are working on the perfector

I am going to make plates for a test later and I haven't laid anything out for a perfector since film
It's just laying out like a Work & Roll right?
so the back is upside down


the sheet will flip gripper to tail
example, letter size page, front grip at the foot, back will "grip" at the head

Good luck!

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If you are using Preps, there is a Perfector work style. That's what I used way back when I worked at a shop that had a perfecting press. It pretty much did whatever it had to do without having to think about it.
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Yep, use perfector in Preps. And it does flip grip / tail but it is different than W&Roll.
You can also switch to SW to make a backed-up proof easily, but you must remember to change it back!
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ha ha you guys are cool!   8)
I didn't even think about XMF having a perfecting style, but it does.


just make sure that when it flips, you keep art out of the gripper on the reverse, which is now on the opposite side
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