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Started by agent_orange, June 26, 2012, 08:56:21 AM

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been a while. hope you're all doing well.

i have a friend who is a professional photographer. he has a gig coming up where he'll take photos of party attendees as they enter the building [kind of like a red carpet situation]. he wants me to set up a station with my laptop, drop photos on a template for 4x6" and print the pics so the guests can take home with them. he's bidding the job today and wants to know what i need. he's going to buy a printer for me to print the photos. i guess my question is if anyone has any recommendations for a nice, portable printer? i won't have any kind of cutter so, unless there are some other ideas, i think i'll need a printer and paper that will specifically print 4x6". anybody have any ideas?


I know a photographer and this is what they use at sporting events to sell prints.
Not cheap but great photos:

Eyeballing shit is for titty-bars, NOT laying out files. DCS 7/12


if it helps,  my wife lugs around a canon ip90 - its an awesome little printer for about $200. it supports PIXMA does borderless 4x6 prints on photo paper very nicely.  Its AC powered, and can do letter sized docs as well. its fairly small, and the ink isnt too expensive..

dont know about how many prints you can squeeze out of 1 cartridge, she mostly does letter sized black printing..

it also doubles as our home printer.. cant seem to part with my $$$ for a nicer one when theres this nice c6000 parked right next to my workstation :)


good info... thanks for the help, guys. i'll let you know how it shakes out


When it comes to photo printing, there is only a few portable printers that will fit your requirements. As mentioned earlier i would try Cannon, and HP has a few cheap laser printers that could work. You won't be able to expect print shop quality, but it should serve your needs for all photo printing intents and purposes.