2014 prepress news, and a trip down memory lane

Started by Laurens, December 28, 2014, 12:50:29 PM

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I just finished work on my overview of the main 2014 prepress and printing news. From that page you can jump back  one year at a time, all the way to 1984. Enjoy the trip down memory lane, a fun thing to do if things are a bit slow at work!

Minor rant: I noticed that it gets harder and harder to actually collect this information at the end of each year. It are not just the graphic arts trade magazines that are disappearing, I even have the impression that the number of related web sites is decreasing. If I forgot some major news, please add a comment.

Having fun writing about prepress & printing for my Prepressure site


Cool! The News from the late 80s was a lot more interesting some how.
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Thanks, Laurens. It is ironic that this printing news is available only on the web. :rotf: :shocked:
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We still get Printweek at work, as well as a few other publications. I think that due to its nature, it is logical that news moved to the internet. There are some fights that simply cannot be won.

Weird thing during my searches: a few years back I always ended up finding stuff on US sites, nowadays that is no longer true and for example Australia seems to have a healthier print community.
Having fun writing about prepress & printing for my Prepressure site