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Is it possible to convert color to BW in XMF

with the (don't laugh) Brisque we just ripped to a BW Que and it worked pretty good.
going to look into it now.

I got a crappy job but a bunch of pages
I will convert in pitstop if I have to, just thought XMF could do a better job? not sure

Im ruling that out, does the new pitstop have a better greyscale conversion?

Used pitstop, had to adjust a few images but went ok.
I think pitstop 2020 has a better capability for conversion now, must learn

You can use Pitstop actions in XMF preflights to convert to grayscale and use whatever color profile gives you good results.

Yeah, what Joe said. I'd find an Action you like/trust then add it to the XMF list. It's in the Prefs-somewhere-then you select the little airplane icon once the job's open and you can all the Pitstop Actions you want!


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