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Dynastrip Template pagination for pages/templates without binding

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Hello!  :hello:

I've been lurking around here off and on for years and have read some good stuff. More importantly I found that our little prepress dept also has the same idiotic things thrown at them which has given us all a nice crust of humor as a protective shield.

Anywhooo - I can't find anything, anywhere on this subject so I thought I'd put on my big girl panties and ask my fellow shipmates.  :ondeck:

My situation is this: we were recently asked to lay out several thousand individual labels 1 up each on 52"x70" sheet size, and another bunch on a 52"x90" sheet. The final result being pdfs to send back to the customer for them to print on their printer. The labels were various sizes but only one size was to be placed per sheet size. We were given one pdf but sent them thru our workflow to get individual pdfs for the layout.

The bottom line question is this: Is there a way in Dynastrip to get a template to automatically number 1 thru "whatever" if there is no binding style applied? Key word being "automatically".....just the same as reflowing a saddlestitched or perfect bound book to get the right amount of signatures and correct pagination with just the touch of a button.

Maybe I'm missing something that seems so basic but I've given up looking. OR if Dyna can't do it, does anyone have a suggestion as to how to create these layouts that are 100s up? A coworker found another way using a vdp file (don't ask me to explain it, but she said it's rather involved), but I was hoping to use our imposition software and take the burden off of her.

Thanks for hearing me out  :swing:

YIKES!!! From my very distant memory of Dynastrip I  don't think there is anything in the software that would do this back in the day. Or at least there wasn't back then. Preps ganging will do it though I believe.

worst case scenario:

in indesign multipage import you can layout by telling it where you want to import it
lets say we have a 100pg pdf and we are going to layout 4-up

using multipage import you tell it to import pg 1-25 (I always tell it from the top left and tell it how much to offset, look at the options you may be able to use other options.
so we import 1-25 then 26-50 then 51-75 and 76-100 in the positions you want.
you may want to play around with a simple 100 pg so you understand it first.

If your pdf has crops and bleed you will have to remove everything but the bleed to get it layed with your own crops in indesign if needing smaller gutters
I know this sounds confusing but if you start simple you will get it, with your labels there will be more math involved but once you get it you get it!!
let me know if you need more info.

wait a minute this may not work for you, I misunderstood something
ugh! sorry

I guess it would depend on how many up and how. many pages you have

Thanks so much for your input Tracy. I'll pass the info up the line to the InDesign pros. (I came from the darkroom days so they don't allow me to play with the big kids' toys.)  :tantrum2:

No gutters and crops on each individual page is what the customer wanted

I miss Preps! Due to updates/changes is how I ended up being a Dyna monkey.  :monkeyfight:


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