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Any XMPie users here?


**Reposted (out of desparation) from the Invision forums***

Howdy, everybody.

I'm wondering if there are any XMPie users here? We're struggling with it, after having it installed in June. To say the company-provided training was lacking is being too kind -- the trainer was barely understandable (English was not his first, second or even THIRD language, we think), and we've found tech support with them to be ... well ... let's just say BAD!  >:(

We have a rather comprehensive list of problems we've been having, and I was looking to compare notes with anyone who might have more (read: any) experience using this piece of ... [self-censored] software. Who knows, maybe you can "that other guy" me with your superior knowledge (who on here coined that term? Hat's off to ya!)

Thanks in advance,


nope. i was pressing for xmpie, ended up with friggin planetpress instead. talk about a piece of sheet. that damn thing is so hard to program for vdp, i think you need a degree in conditional statements or something.  then we got a french-canadian guy to train us on it, he couldnt even get it to do a simple mailmerge on a 4-up 8x11 sheet.  fortunately i can fall back on data merge in indesign or (i hate to admit this) PUBLISHER! (the mail merge feature actually comes in handy when doing x-ups)

The Stevinator:
we have direct smile for special variable images, printshop mail for basic VD stuff, and yours truly for indigo merges.  direct smiles alright but it takes forever to generate the images and the salespeople are genuine snake oil salesmen.


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