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Well home sweet fav spot.

What type of trap do most use? I don't know too much about traps.
Just was told 2 years ago when I started to use three page setups from the RIP.
Film or Poly .002, .0035, .004?? I use my best guess depending on how big the area is, thin type, etc.
Works most of the time....BUT I hate not knowing things or fully understanding.

I understand trap...but not the tech's. Also, I've wanted to try Indys trap for digital color runs to help sometimes.
Re: Solid black area with pink type. Some weird soup BC I'm working on tomorrow. I get a little miss with the type.
Just played with the Indy trap for a min. Did not seem like it was changing anything.
So I made the black a build 100x4 that worked okay....just plugged up this grayscale screen a little.

Just checking what others do....


ahh trapping - no not the stuff of nightclubs and pubs and endless smalltalk (read bullshit) with the ladies, but that little overlap of colours to make things look pretty

well, i use a 0.2pt spread on most things, depending on its size. now thats a thing. we get pdf's supplied (packaging here), and we'll check em out then bung em into indy, apply a trap preset (that we've defined) and away we go - thing is, on smaller elements in the project, those "across the board" traps can look too heavy - but its a job by job thing and we have other methods to trap jobs

if its straight indy files we'll trap it manually in indy, and trap any placed/linked files in their native app as well

sounds long winded but it isnt - trapping is quick and easy after a bit of practise

I trap everything with InDesign @ .002"  Seems to work just fine for us.

Everything gets trapped in the Xitron Workflow. I use a preset of .003 for sheetfed/heatset tickets and .004 for news. I use a mitre joint style and overlap end style with a sliding trap threshold of 70%, this helps greatly when trapping to gradients and CTs.

I use Rampage and .003 for 175 line screen mostly


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