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OK - I'm Southern Hemisphere, but wondering? just this last year I'm seeing some regular walk-in customers shopping in China for print - I'm talking jobs around $2000 AUD - are you guy's in Northern parts feeling this?

I won a small (100,000 piece) contract worth $10,000 CDN for a public event. The plastic pouches and lanyards were made in China, including delivery by DHL in 14 days and if he could get the print quality, it was 1/4 the cost. So we use the quality issue as the edge. China no doubt is the competitor but there are issues.

I see this more and more on the West coast of US. Here on East is still not that popular as sometimes you have to travel to China and it's just such a LOOOOONG flight time.

Hopefully it's going to be marginal but I do know of one company in Connecticut that only prints in China. He travels there twice a month. It's really hard to do so but he makes money.

Kid Leo:
We haven't experienced much competition from them because most of our jobs are pretty short runs but I have heard from others in longer run shops losing some work to the Chinese.

Just goes to show that what all the printing pundits say about "give your customers good service and quality and price won't matter" is a load of crap.  All of the sudden the customers that insisted they need there jobs tomorrow can now wait 6 weeks to get the job from China because it's so much cheaper. We have been trying to tell them for years that if you give us a few extra days we can do it cheaper and better quality but they won't believe it.

My guess is that it will only take a few more years and China will implode. Those people will only work so long in those sweat shops for a cup of rice cooked in polluted water. Things will have to change over there guickly or the streets wil be running red.

Every single job we print is send to multiple (5-8) printshops for quotes and we compete against each other every day. The lowest bid wins. Some agencies send bid re-cap to us to show the prices from everyone bidding. I guess to keep the price down.


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