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Run list file repeatedly AWOL



Bringing in replacement text-body pages, and placing in Run list as "Add with Options". Got a mixture of PDF ad pages mixed in there too.
Every time I added a text page into its rightful spot, I noticed that even though I had to flick its predecessor from the next page up, (don't laugh PREPS users, I can become homocidal on this aspect of Dyna... :machinegun:), the page count hadn't changed. WTF?
Discovered that each time I brought a new page in, one particular ad would disappear from the Run List. AAARRRGH! Had to bring it down again each time. Have emailed Dyna Support, who are getting back to me next week.

Meantime, any of you other 3 Dyna users had this happen. Could be a .plist thing, but I'm not trying anything until they get back to me. Could be a right PITA on a high page-count job.     :angry:


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