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Thought I might as well start a new thread on this, rather than tack it on a previous one. It's '09 now after all.   :grin:

Finally revisited the donated (new) Compaq dual AMD machine. Had much pleasure in wiping the pre-installed Vista and installing Ubuntu 8.04. Runs like a dream. Still have to hook it up to the router though; but not yet on the net with it. Was hoping to uninstall video driver under Vista first, install new PCI card (ASUS EN8500GT), with DVI-D input, then try and set up so I can use a DVI-only display.Have a feeling this may have been a non-starter, as my skills in this area are not great, so have reverted to using the VGA setup on an older display. haha, Vista would not boot, which may have been my saviour; didn't paint myself into a corner.

Questions...I assume that the onboard VGA is integrated into the Mo board, as Ubuntu picked it up and I could run the display "plug'n'play"?
Also, what are my chances of, once hooked to the net, of successfully installing the driver for the ASUS, under Ubuntu? I've got a feeling I might be whistling in the wind here. The supplied CD looks to be Windows-only... :embarrassed:

None of this is critical, but wouldn't mind knowing my chances.    :undecided:

I checked the ASUS web site and it states this card was built for Windows Vista. It appears they do have a VGA driver for it for XP but nothing for Linux. Ubuntu may or may not have a usable driver for it. And now you have found the downside to using Linux. :wink:

Thanks. Was going to check out the site this morning, (it was 2330 by the time I'd stopped "playing"). I'll take your word for it. Kinda jumped in feet first and got the card a couple of months back. It'll go on the backburner; Linux Forums will soon set me right one way or the other as to whether it's gotta go on ebay. Meantime, a VGA is what it is. No big deal.
It's a sobering experience. The machine was surplus to requirement and given to us with Vista pre-loaded, but no disks. Inevitably, Vista tripped up on boot-up.   :evil:    By contrast Ubuntu install was a doddle, as they say over jez's way. A more restrictive environment, but my needs are pretty restricted, anyway.   :laugh:   (hey! The old emoticons are back...)

Latest release is out. The reviewer puts it on par with Windows 7 and Mac OS X. That remains to be seen. :laugh:

Ubuntu as slick as Win7, Mac OS X


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