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Hello I'm wondering where to find training for signa station
becouse its very complicated software and i need  to learn it :azn:

I have the exact same problem...
PDF or video training is good help
Tanks in advanced..

Not sure that such resources would be readily available online. Have PM'd a Heidelberg guy who drops in here occasionally. He may be able to comment, if he picks up the PM.
I have no direct experience of Signstation. Perhaps someone who's not using it any more, and who actually haven't sold it on, may have some stuff they can make available.

I've usually done all my Signa training one on one with the Heidelberg prepress staff - sometimes flown interstate for extra training when it's been a major revision - nothing comes for free from Heidelberg - but usually they will go the extra mile if there's some goodwill built - maybe you could do it online as a web session?

I don't envy you. SignaStation is a lousy piece of imposing software that does require at least minimal training. I hope to God you're using a RIP and not imposing fat pdfs; Signa will totally foul them up. Also, if you do have to use fat pdfs, I highly recommend trapping (as Signa (alone) does not trap to my knowledge) them first (if you aren't doing so already), and be sure to check your overprints AFTER imposition. Signa will usually screw up overprints. I'd also highly recommend converting fonts to outline also, as Signa is notorious for font substitution and/or misdisplaying them. And on the iteration of Signa I was using many years ago, forget about transparencies - Signa just plain can't do them, unless they originated in PhotoShop. Other issues - the Acrobat plug ins conflict with PitStop and Fusion Pro, so you basically need a Signa dedicated machine. It can do a flood varnish, but not a spot varnish (unless you create it outside of Signa). Trapping is suspect (if you buy the optional trapping software) - you need to check Signa's Acrobat trapping plug in's work.

Heidelberg likes to tell you that it can do all this stuff, but after multiple complaints they sent out reps to my old shop and we had a "sit down." After an hour of arguing and showing them issues, the reps admitting there were "flaws" and they assured me that they would be resolved in future releases. We didn't wait around and went to Preps and Rampage and never looked back. Heidelberg also likes to make their resources almost unobtainable. I know you have to create an account on the Heidelberg website and thn poke around a long time to find the few nuggets there. I think they also have a basically unlisted 800 number to call in on also (they may charge you per incident, though).
I poked around for about 15 minutes this morning and all I came up with was this: I couldn't find any recent references to the product on their site. The PR releases I read end about 2005. I didn't see a version above 8, which I think is what I was using back in '03. Most of the reference links on their site were broken or just took you to basic information about the product, but no training. You could try filling out this form:,email and see if anything happens. Good Luck!


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