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Mordy Golding, who wrote the Real World Illustrator book if you've seen it, has a nifty little deal going. It's a free live tutorial/show on Illustrator where you can watch what he's doing and ask questions, every Friday.

Thanks for that link Sally. So much to follow/learn these days. We had a Mordy linky thing going here, but it's kinda lapsed a bit.
Worth a nudge on this one though. A lot of us here are now evolving into PDF-pushin' monkeys. (Apart from a guy called DCS, who apparently spends half his time in Illy these days...  :huh: ).

Box jobs... more and more of it every day.


--- Quote from: DigitalCrapShoveler on March 04, 2011, 06:42:51 PM ---
Box jobs... more and more of it every day.

--- End quote ---

You're off the hook then.    :cheesy:



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